Pennsylvania Renters Insurance Coverage

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

When you rent an apartment or a house, you typically have to pay first and last month's as well as put down a security deposit. That security deposit is so that the landlord is protected should you or a guest break one of their appliances or cause damages beyond normal wear and tear, but what protects you? If someone you don't know comes in and breaks or steals your laptop, or if a fire ruins your furniture, who will help you recover? The foremost answer is renters insurance.

Understanding Pennsylvania Renters Insurance From Drazick Insurance

Renters insurance is a special type of insurance that anyone who rents a home or a similar space can purchase. As with other types of insurance, you will pay a monthly or bi-annual premium, and in exchange, you will enjoy financial protection should your possessions ever be damaged, stolen, or vandalized. Renters insurance protects you from events like electrical surges, fires, burglary, and more.

When purchasing renters insurance from Drazick Insurance, you'll be offered several different types of coverage. The most notable of these coverages include:

  • Personal property. Personal property is the foundation of any type of renters' insurance coverage, and it's the primary reason why you should consider investing it. Protected personal property can include everything you value from the bike you keep in the outdoor shed to the expensive Macbook you have in your bedroom.
  • Liability coverage. This type of add-on coverage will protect you in the event of a lawsuit, such as if you damaged a neighbor's home due to a bathtub flooding on your watch or medical costs associated with your dog biting someone.
  • Living expenses. Renters insurance can also cover any additional living expenses you might incur as a result of a disaster. For example, if a fire does damage your home and your lease doesn't offer additional living expenses while repairs are made, then your renter's insurance will jump in to cover the costs.

Learn More About Renters Insurance By Contacting Drazick Insurance

For more information about renters insurance and the different types of coverage, you can get on your Pennsylvania policy, give our team at Drazick Insurance a call.

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